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What's Behind the Golf Chewing Gum Craze?

Updated: Apr 17

Is Golfing and CBD Chewing Gum: A Winning Combo?

CBD gum is making waves among golfers for its quick absorption and potential health benefits. Just like CBD oil, edibles, or capsules, chewing CBD gum releases CBD oil into the bloodstream through mouth tissues, skipping the digestive system and offering rapid effects.

Why Golfers Choose CBD Gum:

  1. Quick Relief: CBD may alleviate pain and anxiety swiftly, essential for staying focused on the course. Many PGA Tour professionals have reportedly turned to CBD products for these benefits.

  2. Enhanced Bioavailability: CBD gum's high bioavailability ensures more effective absorption, thanks to direct entry into the bloodstream through mouth tissues. This quick absorption can be especially beneficial during tense moments on the green.

  3. Improved Activation Time: The faster absorption rate of CBD gum means quicker onset of effects, helping golfers manage stress and discomfort promptly. However, effects may wear off faster too.

  4. Potential Oral Health Benefits: CBD's antibacterial properties could aid in preventing oral issues like cavities and gum disease, promoting overall oral health for golfers spending long hours on the course.

Choosing the Right CBD Gum:

When selecting CBD gum, consider:

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA): Look for brands providing third-party lab results to ensure potency and safety.

  • CBD Type: Decide between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate options, depending on personal preferences and potential THC concerns.

  • Ingredients: Opt for sugar-free and natural ingredient formulations to support overall wellness.

  • Price: Balance affordability with quality, as cheaper options may compromise effectiveness.

NOTE: FOREHEALTH curates CBD products that meet only the highest standards. You can trust that you are getting access to only the best CBD products.

Optimizing CBD Gum Usage:

To maximize benefits:

  • Start with a small piece and gradually adjust dosage.

  • Chew slowly and evenly to release CBD effectively.

  • Ensure thorough swallowing to absorb maximum CBD content.


For golfers seeking a discreet and convenient way to harness the potential benefits of CBD, chewing gum offers a promising solution. With its quick absorption and reported effects on pain relief and relaxation, CBD gum could become a valuable addition to any golfer's toolkit. Just remember to purchase from reputable sources and start with caution to find the right dosage for your needs.

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