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I tried CBD Gummies while’s what happened

Updated: Apr 18

Golf can be a grind. Throw a few poor shots in the mix and a day on the course can quickly become a battle within the mind. To quote the great Bobby Jones: “ is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears.” I set out to see if I could prove (or disprove) the emerging recommendations that CBD could help eliminate the anxiety of golf’s most trying moments, help me keep composure and maintain a steadfast focus on my game. Enter GOLF GUMMIES...I opted for the convenient, tasty, version in the gummy form.

Since there’s no THC, there’s no “high” just a welcomed relaxation within about 20 minutes of taking 1-2 gummies. There wasn’t anything MAJOR that happened but perhaps that’s the point. I did feel more relaxed on the course, even with my hurried pace, I felt significantly less anxiety - especially after a few not-so-crisp chip shots bumped me off my game. I felt a lot better while putting - the most anxious moments on the course for me. I would say it gave me a bit of an advantage when concentrating - I was able to zone in on my putts and shots altogether.

Here’s what I noticed while taking CBD while golfing:

  • Calm and focused while teeing off and lining up a putt

  • Less anxious about my performance

  • Minor pain in my elbow (nagging) was less noticeable - this was a nice plus

Here’s where CBD let me down:

  • It did not improve my scores

  • It did not fix my slice

Back to the drawing board to fix my game but my state of mind had me playing a more relaxed and enjoyable round of golf. I would recommend giving the Golf Gummies a try and see how it impacts your game.

I also tried Golf Gummies (as recommended) daily to help with focus and to "take the edge off". Turns out, they work just as well off the course as they do on the course. There's no haze, no fog, just a calm and confident sensation.

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- Golf Healthy

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